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Thursday, January 10, 2013
Lego land (Malaysia) and mishaps..

Been real busy for the past 2 months. End of the year, I have deployments at Orchard side than thereafter Dragon Boat training since then. I would say it's rather hectic for me, but still I am still surviving. But during the month of December, myself and my sisters travelled all the way to Malaysia Lego land to have some fun. We have been planning since few months back and postpone the dates and etc. And yes, finally we went there and we enjoyed the fun there. 

We were there since 2pm onwards, we drove ourselves there from second link, Tuas Checkpoint, we then follow the signage once past the check point. Upon reaching the destination, we happily got our tickets from the sales counter and proceed in. We started playing the selective games as we didn't have much time left as it will be closed by 8pm that day. As well, we took lots of photos around the place and ourselves. 

We went to these so-called mini lego town/country which build with lego. It was awesome and blew our minds aways. We took several photos and posted in the Facebook. Even friends thought we went to KL to take the twin towers. But in actual fact the building they saw in the Facebook were taken in Lego Land.

There's too many photos we took, therefore I am only posting selective photos to post in the blog. We went for their 4D cinema which was fun too. After playing a number of rides, we were so hungry we ate some western food in there which quite costly. But overall it still worth the price as the food there was nice. Both me and my sisters ate a lot in there as though we have not eaten for days. Perhaps we didn't eat much before entering.

After playing and by the time it was almost 8pm, which we have to leave the place. Prior leaving there, we went to the nearby mall to have our late dinner. We went to the outlet namely "Chicken Rice shop" which sells traditional chicken rice. We settled down there and ordered an moderate amount of food which made all of us super food after eating.

After eating our dinner, we went straight back to custom as it was too late for us and in fact we have the intention to stay overnight. Since we brought extra clothing in any case we need to change or any changes. But as my younger sister needs to head to school the following day. Thus, we dropped the idea and proceed back to Singapore. I would say Lego land is worthwhile to go but the ticket price are pricey. But I would suggest to go at 2014 as their hotels and etc should be up by than. But the price will definitely increase due to new facilities are more in place by than.

So the next following day, I decided to head to JB again and this time I decided to go City Square Mall near to Woodlands checkpoint. But I choose to take bus instead as I still remember what are the buses there. And it's not my first time going in myself. I clearly remember that I have done that about a year back or so. I head to Bugis, Queen street and took Causeway link bus than to Woodlands Checkpoint than Malaysia Custom.

I was fortunate that the crowd was not that bad. I slowly walked to City Square via Malaysia custom. I then discovered that there is so much changes ever since I last entered in. I spotted a couple of police at the bridge which link towards City Square mall. After entering City Square mall, I then further discovered that there is even more changes. There are still undergoing renovation but only some part of the mall. I went shopping around the mall and got the stuffs what I want which Singapore do not have. Then decided to go have a lunch before heading back Singapore.

So I decided to go to Breeks to settle my lunch. The staffs there is nice and patience with my slowness of ordering. After making decision, I decided to have this; (Photo is in instagram)

It's called quarter chicken with seafood which was nice but slightly oily for me. The chicken was tender and easy to chew. As though it was stew but it was grill instead. I also ordered Mocha at the same time. But didn't take the photo as it was not that nice as I expected. Thereafter having my lunch and left Malaysia and return back to Singapore.

January 2013

Recently after my night shift, I drove back home from PIE towards Thomas Road. While driving I filtered towards Thomas Road, than I meet the merging lane which needs to merge to the main road. So I have to stop as the traffic was heavy and ahead of me there was one lorry. So while waiting for the lorry to filter into the lane, one mysterious taxi came from my left (which there is not much space to squeeze into) squeeze into my left and next what happened was, he hit onto my side mirror and fled after hitting it. 

He was seen speeding towards to the traffic lights and by than I managed to filter to the lane after the lorry merged in. I immediately find the driver and I managed to spot the driver. I did all my best to attract the attention. As such, I decided to take a photo of the car plate and by than he discovered me. So I signalled him to stop at the side and what happened was, when the traffic light turns green, he fled the second time!!!!! I was so pissed and try to find him but to no avail. As such, I have to abandon the search and head back home to check the damages.

Upon reached home MSCP, I found some minor scratches at the side mirrors..!!!!! ARGH!! 

I was so mad about what happened and after consulted a few people, and I was advised to lodge one traffic accident report. So I head to one nearest NPP which near to my house and lodged my ever first Traffic accident report.

After lodging I discussed with my sister about the incident and see whether to fix the rest of the damages which caused some time back. So she told me to collate as much as possible to fix it one shot. Or not, it will be troublesome if after fixing up and one idiot did it again. So she suggested to fix it perhaps in the middle of the year and assess from there which I agrees with it. I did not meet any accident for the past 2 years of driving. At times, I do admit I may not be good in judgement or whatsoever. But at the very least, I did not have any major or minor accident before. This is my first time encountered such incident and what's worse it was a hit and run. He failed to render any assistance after incident had happened. I hope the traffic police will look into the matter and get the fella out. *angry*

I do apologised for such a lengthly post as for the next few weeks, I will be busy with my training and work.. see ya..!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Just realised that my last post was on Aug.. OMG! I've totally neglected my blog.. Oh gosh..! In fact, been telling myself to continue to maintain the blog as it has been with me for so long. And, kind of reluctant of letting it go. It contained about what happened in the past and the stupidity of me that I've done. Not to forget the happy memories are all in this blog. So kind of having love-hate-relationship with this blog. LOL!

Well, been through so much and especially my current work place. I'm from a person who doesn't scold vulgar and to the extend that i've to be strong like a man. From a non-nasty person and evolve to a nasty person. After working for coming 2 years and that's how I turn myself into. I'm no longer the old me who don't scold people to a scolding machine if anyone who tries to irritate me. I teared, I cried in work and trying to cope and manage with the working style.

But I tell myself that I cannot lost my own self. I have to control and get back some of my old me. I do hope that one day some part of me will be back. So I can be myself! ~ Kind of random. But seriously I am losing some of me after been through so much.... my old me, please return to me..~ Hahaha!

Ok, shall stop the crap..! >.< It's coming to the end of the year and yes, I am going to be more busy as this month will be a long stretch of holidays for most of us. Except for those who is working in shift and do not have holidays in their calendar. So I am getting ready for rest less and work more. Nobody can understand someone who work more than 24 hrs and gets only like an exactly 1 day rest? rather on paper stating that we have 2 days of rest before getting the next shift. While we have such shift and when we are in the peak period, our work are like almost everyday and rest for like hours?Subsequently I have to work. Shifts start again and there goes again till the end of the year. Just hope that I pull through this month.. *Praying hard hard* Anyway bye! I'm kind of tired after work.. see you next time.. :P

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Today decided to have my regular swimming at Toa Payoh swimming complex.. After swimming for like 45 minutes I decided to go for some lunch since it was already coming to 1pm. After washing up, I decided to drive myself to Blk 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh to have some lunch.

Upon reaching there, I remembered that Tim's restaurant is at that location. Thus, I decided to have my lunch there since "Hungry go where" has good reviews. The moment I entered the restaurant it looks kind of vintage and the ambience still fair enough. I thought it will be crowed as it was lunch hour but still not as bad as I thought. 

I sat down and the server passed me the menu and slowly guide me on what they have for today and so on. You will need sometime to digest what the server going to guide you as they are Nepalese so kind of you need time to understand what they are trying to say. Nevertheless, they are patience when I prompt them several questions before I confirm my orders. 

I decided to get Chicken MoMo, Chinese Chowmien with additonal $3 dollars to complete as a set meal. They first served me Soup of the day, and today Soup of the day was some Tomato soup. The soup was nice and I discovered that in the soup there are some spaghetti. After waiting for like 10 minutes, my MoMo came and it's look like this:

It's so like "Xiao Long Bao".. In the middle is kind of like a curry sauce with some sour taste. It's does make you feels like eating all.. The MoMo underneath has carrot too..! The taste not bad and I managed to finish it all by myself.. *burp*

Thereafter awhile I ate like a few pieces of MoMo my main course Chowmien came.. And it looks like this..;

It really like chowmien inside it has chicken and some cabbage. It taste like oyster sauce with spaghetti noodles. ^.^ But as it was kind of oily to me and too much for my tummy as I finished my MoMo so i left some chicken over. When the serve saw it and gave me a big eye asking anything wrong with the food. So I gave a guilty look and told him about it, after which he gave me a smile and told me next time if I come back again I can let them know that I want less oil. =)

Shortly, they served me my tea and my dessert of the day and it was....

Banana cake with almond and some ice sugar as topping..! The cake was warm and just nice fits to my stomach!! The tea by just adding a little sugar it already taste nice.. I am a person whom don't like too sweet for my drinks so I will add a little bit for taste or at times I do not add sugar at all. It's all depend on my mood on that day. I slowly savour my dessert and drinks, I so like this kind of lifestyle whereby slowly savour my food and reading through some online stuffs in my phone. This is what I like to do in my free times after my exercise. I like to slowly do my things, slowly driving to see the scenery and reading online stuffs or my books in a cafe..! 

Tim restaurant is a nice place to "lepak" meaning to say that a chill out place but definitely not a place to romantic as this place kind of noisy but I don't mind at all so long the food is nice and the service is good I don't mind to have some noise. My total damage for the day was about S$19/-. It's definitely worth the money, the food quality and quantity is good. Moreover, the restaurant situated in the middle of HDB estate and the food is comparable with restaurant...! I will definitely come back again for chill out session..! 


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Finally thinking of updating my blog.. Reason there was a time that my laptop dead on me totally, which no internet for me except for my phone. So, I got a new laptop again this time and this time I got Macbook pro 13 inch..! I've been yearning to get this model of laptop and due to financial issue I decided to wait till now.

I got it from COURTS and I took instalment to get this Macbook pro, as my last instalment for DSLR as already fully paid. Thus, I decided to get as instalment plan and definitely within my budget as I have a car to pay. I want something that I can afford and save at the same time. After living myself for a couple of years which I learnt that many things I want, I need to plan before hand.

I am unlike in the past whereby I will spend every single cents that I earned to buy anything I want without budgeting. I have realised that how matured I am right now as compared in the past.. Even my younger sister commented the same.. ^.^ She even commented that my temper is so much better as compared.. Even at times, I will flare up but not as much or not as unreasonable than last time.

Now I am worried for my sister who is my past situation, but I would say far worse than me. She lied to all of us and even to the extend to steal things at home. She even smoke outside thinking we do not know about this, which definitely breaks all of our hearts. We have been trying our best to talk to her but... apparently it's still the same. We have told her that my mum not in a good shape as what she saw, we have told her that our mum has tumour which we now she has not much time to be with us. But, she still do whatever what she wants without thinking family as the first place. Haiz~ Disappointment..

I just hope that one day she will realise how much we want her to turn to a new leaf..

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Oops! sorry been not been updating my blog. Been relatively busy and technically I am lazy in updating. Thus, delayed in posting. Ok, few months back, I have sold my Suzuki Swift manual and now I am planning to get an auto car instead. After few months of decision, I decided to get a old version of Lancer 1.6A. But at the same time, I also intending to see a Hyundai Getz too!

Oh well! I am getting a car for me to drive for longer time. Not having a car for the past few months which got me crazy! I am not use in taking public as I need to squeeze into the bus nor can't get into. Therefore, I decided to get a auto car. Another reason also why I sold my car was previously my late grandmother passed away. I drove my manual car from my house to Jurong than Ang Mo Kio, and I met traffic jammed which I have to half-clutch which my legs turned jelly. Imagine I did that for that past one week!! Prior that I still can take it but subsequently I can't..

So after making much decision, I decided to sell off and get a new second hand car instead. Well, after the car was sold and at the same time my pay got increased. This time, I am getting an auto COE plate car. So hassle free on getting a e-day license. I am so excited on it..! Going to see the car in few days time..

Next is my work, been really busy and tired. Never really rest and got sick few days ago. But sometime ago, one of my colleague fell sick and the manpower got severe constrained. As such, a couple of us have to work when we are sick. Well, now the manpower is better so there are more slots. However, I thought that I will not be doing the same thing over and over again. But I am not sure what is going on, whenever I see the roster I am doing things the same.. It's got me really frustrated! Seriously..! I don't mind doing a couple of times, but it's been ongoing a lot of time. It's driving me crazy!! I think it's time for me to say it out before I decided to push my plan earlier.. Ok, that's for now.. will update soon once I got my new car..!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012
Sorry for the late update.. Been busy with work and training for dragon boat as the competition is on 16 feb. I've not enough time to rest in fact. This month is a super busy month for me, I've been working since in the morning to the end of shift like 10 pm plus. And, my training is for my own division and for Home team. As such, It's really makes my physical and mentally exhausted!

And, yes finally the competition on 16 feb arrived. We met up in the early morning and went to Garden by the Bay. Everyone was so excited included me too..! Our mixed team is the first one to go and we lost during the heats. And then, our men teams and SO team. Even though, my division mixed team we lost during the heats. But our men team when in to the finals. However, we still lost. But It's a good job for them to be in the finals eventually.

After which, i represented my division to go for Home team sector dragon boat together with alpha, and SCDF for the mixed team. And yes!! we won 1st runner up!! I'm so proud to be with them and yes, I made my division proud..! I'm so so happy! ~

What's make me happy was all my team mates in division , waited for me to get the medal before leaving. They were so tired but because of me they waited for me and cheer me up! I so love them! Thanks guys! ~

After I took the medal I went back home with them.. and all of us knocked out in the van before back home. I've been resting since yesterday and now I feel abit better.. Ok, shall show you my medal..

That's all for now!!~~

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Saturday, January 28, 2012
Oh well, finally things are getting more settle down.. Grandmother's wake has over and left are the prayers. I would like to thanks to my colleagues who have been so patient with me and yes, my friends. They have been sending me msges and I do appreciate it.. seriously!

Work is doing great, however I am still learning even though I am already in the force for almost 2 years. It's like so fast.. everything seems to be like just happen.. LOL..

Some updates from my side, I have been training up as my next financial year IPPT coming and therefore, I decided to join dragonboat and more marathons. So before the dragonboat training starts I went for swimming which I have stopped for a year. Due to pneumonia I had one year ago as such, I stopped and then, my stamina went down. Even though, i still can run long distance but my timing seems to be not improving. So, I take up swimming again as this will let my stamina go better.

This few days been swimming. and swimming does relax me abit and bring all my troubles away. Yesterday, as usual I went swimming and this time I swam for 2 hours instead of normal one hour. Maybe, this few days combine with swimming and running my stamina does improve. Hence, I can swim longer.. I swim till not much people in the pool and the lifeguard was worried for me as I don't swim straight and a few times I have to stop in the middle of the pool. As I feel sudden tired..

So, one of the lifeguard came to me and tell me I should stop as he worries that I may just drown. So I heed his advise and stop.. And, I didn't realised that I had SUNBURN! OMG! my scalp, hands, body are all sunburn! It's really pain when the water touch to my skin.. SOB..

But still, it wouldn't stop me to swim.. After I bath, I went for a walk and intend to eat before going home as I am so hungry after the swim. While walking around. there's a boy who is like secondary school came to me and asked me for number. Even worse, he was smiling.. I was thinking I am so old and he wants my number.. what's up to his mind. So I just walk off without replying.

Then, I head to food court and I found this lovely place namely, "Pinch a salt" which is soo cute and the food was nice and cheap. I have took some photos, here are the photos that I have took:

The pasta that I've ordered and total cost with the drink is $7.70!!

If interested the location is at:

Toa Payoh HDB Hub
Gourmet Paradize
Pinch a Salt

(Once you get down to the escalator, the small "cafe" is at a corner with one traditional eatery)

So after eating I went back and first thing my sister screams and said that I looked so tanned and I am a 100% Malay now! -______________-"'

I was -____-" and then, I asked my maid to get my some cream that I bought it few months ago in the fridge. And, it does make my skin better without much pain.. Now my skin is better but still have some pain on the back. As my back most of the time facing up as I was swimming frog style.. FML.. I have to tolerate few more days before it recovers.. LMAO.. Got to rest now.. I am so tired..! =P

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